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Central Translations (NI) Ltd has been supplying foreign language transcription services to business, insurers, solicitors, courts and hospitals for many years and have an enviable reputation for accuracy and quality.


Once we have listened to your recording and received your instructions we will appoint transcribers specialising in the subject matter and languages spoken to convert your recording into a formatted, indexable document.


The time taken to transcribe recordings will depend upon content, number of speakers, rate of speech, whether any layering of speech is present, accents, background noise and quality of audio recording.


Good quality sound files enable the best transcription possible.  We will work with digital (MP3, WAV), analogue (microcassettes, cassettes, CD) and video.


We can also translate your transcript.


For English/English transcription services, please contact our recommended supplier, Ribbon & Ink Transcription on http://www.ribbonandinktranscription.com

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07977 115 416

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